A friend of mine ask me how I write and if I have a secret method. My answer came as if it had been incubating in me, just waiting for me to lay it out, to posit it like a creative, mental egg; without hesitation I said, “The Chicken Method, The Free Range Chicken Method”.

I told him I go out every day in my incredible world searching, pecking here and there, tasting everything in sight because my world is different every day; some days I have to search for and wide for what suits me, other days I hit a rich bonanza before noon. I never know what new wonderful things may turn up, every day is a joy of discovery, scratching, searching, and pecking.

At the end of the day, my craw is always full of amazing thoughts and stuff along with just enough rough pebbles and gravel to grind and process my wonderful treasures for that day.

As the sun is setting, I go to my roost to relax, rest, sleep, and ah yes, to dream; all the treasures of the day are combined with the treasures of my life, giving rise to infinite new possibilities, just like with any happy, enthusiastic chicken.

Of course, the morning is the most important part for me; unlike the chickens who know their daily prayers are in every step, every peck, and every cluck they joyously perform, I still see myself as a burdened human and must go to my quiet place and pray to God in my own language………. unlike the chickens, I am not fluent in God’s language yet, but I am constantly working on it.

After all that, many, many mornings I am given what I hope is a thought that my friends will enjoy, and I pass it on.