Right in front of me, in a seemingly boundless, blank space, written in dark pencil was the phrase.

The answer is and always will be —— I AM THAT I AM

Those lines faded out and a black dot appeared in front of me and began expanding until a small artist looking little person about five feet tall stood there complete in his full blousy artist pants and top wearing a full, classic artist’s beret on his head. He was only penciled in and colorless with a painter’s case sitting at his feet.

He bent over the case and pulled out several different artists instruments; a couple of brushes, a paint palette, a painter’s knife a mahl stick, and several tubes of paint. He hesitated a moment as he checked everything and then pulled it all right into himself.

Quickly, the whole, huge, empty space before him and me unfolded into a gorgeous, panoramic, nature scene. I was astounded; I’d never seen such beautiful colors and forms, fantastically beautiful but motionless.

He turned toward me as if to take hold of me, but I had no body, no arms, hands or legs to grasp; however, with one quick motion he somehow easily pulled me right into his form. I felt a deep gush of air rush into me and I heard a big pop. There was a pleasant rush of tastes and smells in my mouth. I could feel something joyful lifting me up. I looked all around for the little artist, but he was nowhere to be seen, his artist’s case was still sitting there but he was gone.

Suddenly, I noticed the gorgeous, expansive scene of mountains, foothills, forest, and blue, blue skies begin to move; birds flying around, the tree branches, and grasses moving in the sweet light and soft breeze. I was filled with a wonderful consciousness and awareness of infinite well being and aliveness. It was like the whole scene was humming with soft, vibrating music. I felt great peace. I looked up in the sky and there was that phrase again, I AM THAT I AM…………. A thought came to me—- That maybe the most realistic way we humans can understand God; and why He explained to Moses that way at the burning bush in Exodus —- I AM THAT I AM—- everything IS because I AM. I also love the thought that God is all things at all times in all places. I guess I love that one because it helps me remember that He is appearing as you and me as well as everything else in the universe.

Something touched my shoulder, pulling me from the scene and I immediately felt the heaviness of my body. My wife was saying to me, “Are you going to your appointment this morning?” I started to say what appointment but just nodded yes; remembering with a smile that I’m going to wear the new shirt I bought that goes so well with my favorite hat and my new sandals.