Yesterday I had an amazing experience in a gas station.

I pulled into one of those huge gas stations with about fifty pumps, went down the line, chose a pump and started turning in to fill up. I was instantly confronted by a great big pickup truck pulling a big trailer coming from the opposite direction. He came right at me and we both slammed on the brakes six inches apart. His huge finder and headlight towering a foot and a half over my little car’s nose.I looked at the driver, giving him that look of “I was here first, and you’re going the wrong way.” He defiantly returned my look and neither of us budged for a few seconds.

I remained calm and didn’t feel my ire rising as would be normal for me. He was sitting cattywompus and couldn’t possibly pump gas at that angle. He jumped out of his truck, looked at me and hurried off to the little convince store where you pay.
I was still calm, assessed the situation, ire still down, backed up and went on down the line to the next available pump. I started to turn in and an almost identical pickup truck and trailer, to the one I’d just encountered, came flying in from the opposite side. I slammed on the brakes again and stopped within five inches of the guy. The identicalness of the trucks was very obvious as the huge truck sat glaring down at my little car. The truck was not identical, but the angles and movements of our vehicles were identical to the encounter I’d had five minutes ago.

I was shocked; it was some kind of a “Déjà vu”. His look was defiant. I smiled, backed up and yielded the space. He roared right passed me like we were at an intersection on a public street and left the station . . . . just passing through I guess. I began laughing out loud. God patted me on the head and gave me a big hug that lit up and warmed my whole being.

I know this isn’t rocket science, it’s a lot tougher, it’s emotional and spiritual science, overcoming self.