Who doesn’t have great empathy and sympathy and feel their heart ache when they hear of a lost child or see a drama depicting a child lost in a wilderness. We all immediately experience the fear surging in on the Child’s mind and body; half crazy for its parents and fearing being devoured by some monstrous, unknown evil.

For me, this is the picture I get when I remember all my lost years and see all the lost people in the world; from the poor and starving to people who are depending on the material world for love, kindness, real security, and real hope. Only God can provide what all the lost souls of our world are seeking. Everything else finally proves to be a totally insufficient substitute.

I think one of the great injustices that can be done to a human is to condemn him or her as wicked sinners instead of helping them to understand that they are simply lost. God doesn’t make junk and He doesn’t make sinners, but souls do get lost. It makes me wonder who is benefiting from keeping people believing that they are practically irredeemable sinners and not just lost. I guess the answer is obvious; it’s other lost children of God.

God is always there for us, but we have to choose Him over all those lies we’ve been buying into and telling ourselves. The really difficult thing is that everyone who finally gets “it” must surrender their ignorance and fear so God’s light will start shining in on their hearts and minds; at least that’s how it’s happening for me.

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