Since this 2020 pandemic has come upon us over a year ago, I’ve been trying, like everyone else, to understand what this whole dilemma is about; from the beginning, I’ve said and written that this nightmare is a spiritual trial for us humans and not just a horrible, horrible covid 19 virus escaped from a careless lab in China or just passed on miraculously from an apparently innocent little bat.

Combined with the obvious insane political muddle that has been growing for the past several years in America and the state of humans worldwide, it is clearly understating the condition of the world to just say we’re experiencing some little temporary spiritual adjustment — I think we are in some kind of paradigm shift, perhaps as great as the end of the Roman Empire and the advent of the Dark Ages or perhaps even greater; the astronomical financial edifice of the world does often look like a shaky, inane house of cards that with its collapse could throw us back into a bartering society.

It seems we humans have grown so stupid gazing into our mirrors dreaming our dreams and counting our money that we have totally missed or willfully ignored the obvious signs that we have taken a dead-end fork off God’s path to truth, salvation, and a higher level of being and consciousness; certainly, from the looks of our world today we could conclude this.

OR????? Maybe this is just too harsh a judgment on humans; it just could be that on God’s agenda and timetable there is a big change due that no one but God has any control over; a change that we humans must go through to understand what will be revealed when the curtain is pulled back. After all, change may be the best clue we humans have for understanding our physical/mental world we live in and is certainly the most obvious characteristic of God’s creation. We are reminded that change is the key element of our reality by endless sunrises, sunsets, the parade of constellations across the night sky, time, moment by moment, stitching together our reality with every tick and beat of our brain, the spinning of the earth, the waxing and waning of the moon, the birth of babies, funerals, the realization that once we may have had a large loving family that has died out and left us almost alone, or science discovering that there are great mountains where once there was great seas and great seas where once there were mountains as well as science discovering that where there are great deserts once there were great forests, and of course the earth was once covered with dinosaurs, now replaced by mammals.

Chang, change, change ———- we are living on the precipice of one of the greatest changes humans have ever seen —- Yes, it could be. The changes I’ve seen are so bizarre it seems they must be foreshadowing something enormous coming. However, I believe that whatever happens it will be for good and I will do my best to keep my head up in faith in my perch in God’s breast pocket.

I hope God is just scaring us back to our senses and Christian values and not giving up on us.