The following statement is not aimed at anyone person but at Americans in general, including me.

Our beautiful nation is falling because we have abandoned it and god for self; we have brought this disgusting, frightening calamity we face today on ourselves; we have almost cut ourselves off from the real vine of Christ’s life, love, and truth. The Bible stands covered in dust as we, lost in our self-worship, are enthusiastically riding in our minds on rockets to desolate moons and burned out planets; a Bible that is so often misused and misunderstood when used at all; a Bible that recounts man’s relationship with God for thousands of years; a Bible that reveals man making the same mistakes over and over, deciding the bible is just an archaic, misleading, contradictory book composed by simpletons that lacked our brilliant scholar’s insights as to what those ancient people were really trying to say. We have decided that taking the time and effort to pray and meditate on scripture is too laborious we don’t need to spend so much time on this old book and unique language which to most just means following our everyday human laws and being nice to other people if they are nice to us. However, following this watered-down Christianity means missing the rich experience of real Christianity and having a real-life in the mysterious and miraculous reality of Christ. Taking the time to plug our little human pea brains into God’s infinite, eternal mind and truly come to know the “Pearl of Great Price” is how America and the real American way came to millions of souls in the past and will lead us out of and keep us out of the deep, dead-end purgatory of self-aggrandizement.