When we relinquish our power and yield to those in our lives and our society that are constantly pushing to control us we lose our FAITH and confidence in ourselves in direct proportion to how much control we turn over to them.

The main people who abuse our naive trust or lack of confidence in our own beliefs are the talking heads and those who control the talking heads; those who want to sell us ideas or stuff on TV and other media. There’s also our immediate family and friends who like to make themselves feel smarter and stronger at our expense. Of course, it’s natural, if you’re a push over, you’ll get pushed over. So, buck up, get informed, and think.

FAITH is the bedrock of confidence and growth for anyone from a squirrel, a dog or a human but people get a false faith off TV, we’re letting them think for us too often. Our FAITH needs to come from our God, ourselves, and from our investment in our family, friends and our neighborhood. TV and other media are just sources of information not philosophical or Devine guidance.

Healthy minds are skeptical minds. So, beware of those who live in a bubble where they enjoy a lot of money, prestige and/or power; most of them want to keep us right where we are, feeding their supply of money, prestige, and power; it’s human nature gone amuck; blinded by what, at one time, might have been brilliance; but what now has morphed into very ugly, evil, self-involved stupidity. What would really be ugly though would be to allow them to destroy our FAITH in ourselves and our country.