Trees and most plants put out a huge number of seeds, but the number of seeds that actually reproduce is obviously very, very small. The human male also produces a huge number of seeds for each sexual encounter to find a receptive egg, most often in vain. Also, all but a tiny, tiny amount of the life generating rays of our sun dash off, apparently, into oblivion, only the sun’s little family of planets seem to benefit.

Of course, this case is based on the assumption that I totally understand what I see right in front of me and my, less than perfect education in public school. What I could be missing is that God loves and uses every tiny part of His/Its creation for His/Its pleasure and His/Its purposes.

So, am I sure there is any such thing as waste? May be, each seed is a tiny speck in a work of art that is unfathomable for my little human brain. May be, a God completely beyond my understanding has poured Himself/Itself out as this creation; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. May be, I’m trying to judge the world looking through a small pin hole in a wall of ignorance that I also can not appreciate.