As I recall, growing up in the world, I was always given the message that love comes to me, or you, or anyone else from some pace outside our selves; from another person, a dear pet, a church, different kinds of groups or the Christ which I was told was above watching over me. It took me many decades to see and understand that that’s not true.

Love is, always has been, and always will be directly from God, the Christ that dwells within me and you. When I meet a new person and the Christ within them touches the Christ within me, love rises up from within me, fills me, expands me, and lifts me up in joy, to the lower realms of heaven as I understand heaven; at other times, a different quality of love, still God’s love, is triggered in me by certain situations, conditions, places or even things. Very often when I see a scene in a movie or a well-produced advertisement on TV where a person stops to lift another person up who is in need, I, like you, may get misty-eyed or even cry. All this love and joy are gifts from God teaching you and me, nurturing our spiritual growth; the vail over the world is pulled back and new levels of truth are exposed, we learn the truth is inside of us, not outside of us. Praise be to God.