The fear of God is mankind’s only savior, but modern man has eased our very patient, loving God aside and built one monolith, one graven image, and one golden calf after another right in God’s face. These graven images of towering buildings, these rocket ships to the moon, these voluminous tomes of scientific knowledge, and global empires of commerce are and are becoming more and more every day false evidence to man’s vanity that the only real God, not this superstitious faith in an unseen God, is the maximized material creations flowing from their brain and hands, his tower to heaven.

How many times over these thousands and thousands of years must humanity repeat this gross error of confusing beautiful, gorgeous, precious material things that they have formed with their own hands with the indescribable, sublime, Holy creations of God? There is no comparison between the Mona Lisa, the Sistine Chapel ceiling, the most magnificent building ever built, and the human body, or this little miraculous planet we live on, or the entire universe.

The incredible truth is that there is nothing that gives God more pleasure and joy than the incredibly beautiful, artistic creations of His children, (mankind) if they will only remember to keep their creator, God Almighty first from which all things flow, and remember to thank Him before, during, and after all their incredible works and accomplishments. It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3 first God, then us, and then comes love, joy, and, happiness. The sooner we get started and stay on the beam, the sooner the love, joy, and happiness come.