This morning I was thinking of some of the richest experiences in my education; the education that came after my public education, my education in the school of reinventing the wheel and reaching for the highest truth — the school where I threw out everything from my former education but the baby, where I learned to meditate; where I learned to stop concentrating so hard and began listening to a small, still voice within and acted on intuitions that lead me to new subjects, books, and teachers; spiritual books, philosophy books, wonderful literary fiction, science books, metaphysical books, occult books, huge art books filled with full-page plates of the old masters; of course, all these years of new education along with the music I was always pursuing lead to so many amazing experiences.

However, today my thoughts are on my gratitude for my creator and the teachers and books He sent me to deliver His higher education that took me to places in my consciousness, in my perception where I could see and still see a swamp or even a mud hole, these natural works of art, to be more beautiful than the Mona Lisa, the Sistine chapel, the grand statue of David perhaps even more beautiful than this art of nature is to the most inquisitive, imaginative, and free child; the imaginative vision of a freed consciousness that can see the manifest fine, gorgeous, three-dimensional fabric of the entire universe where I saw and still see that water, soil, wood, and the sky is composed of the spirit, the medium God has used for His creation, including you and me; infinite spiritual energy that embraces me and leaves me in rapture with Him for a time, whereupon, I go on about my business.