It was morning, I walked out of my front door into the beautiful, sweet sunlight of what appeared to be another perfect day in God’s perfect creation. I could see the earth from sea to shining sea and beyond.

I saw some movement to my left and looked over to see Thomas Edison pull up a chair and sit down in front of many huge rows of electric lights, he seemed quite calm but also very alert.

In front of me was an amazingly broad landscape filled with thousands, maybe millions of people who, although I had ignored them at first, continued screaming and throwing rocks at each other………

Abruptly, without warning, they stopped throwing rocks and together their voices moved quickly into unison with a mantra of, the world is unjust, the world is unjust, the world is unjust”, then to,” the sun is unjust, the sun is unjust, the sun is unjust.” And then back to, “The world is unjust, the world is unjust, the world is unjust.”

Suddenly, they stopped turned, and looked directly at me with hard, insolent, defiant expressions on their faces. A powerful surge of fear ran through me and I thought I’d better run but just as suddenly as they had turned on me, they turned toward the huge sun that was joyously shining on everything and began throwing rocks at it. Black holes began to appear on the sun’s face and pieces were falling from it. It began to lose its brilliance and got dimmer and dimmer.

Thomas Edison jumped from his chair, ran over to and flipped a big switch to turn on the many, many rows of huge lights but nothing happened, he flipped it again and again, nothing; he and all the people turned, staring at me. I was numb and paralyzed. The whole world went black and I jumped up sweating profusely.