Most people would say that their safe place in life, their soft place in the world is in their home; protected by four walls and a roof and they also hope by their country but I have learned from Jesus Christ that my real safe place, my actual soft place is inside myself, inside my personal world, my consciousness that God has given me as His child, in the world that reflects my knowledge and faith in Him, where I stand up for Him and myself every moment of my life ——– walls, a roof, and a country is nothing without faith in ourselves through the power of God Almighty. Our country is supposed to be a reflection of us, not us be a reflection of it.

Jesus left His walls and his roof and lead His disciples out into His world and showed them that no one had power over them except those to whom they gave power over them —- like Jesus telling Pilot that Pilot only had the power to crucify Him because it was His Father’s will.

Thank God today we Americans are rejecting, refusing, and rising up against the deluded, demented, power-hungry, control hungry people who try to use lies and fear to lock us up behind four walls and a roof, keep us in a box, (our own homes) and control us like pet rats……… However, this evil is powerless over us if we remember God has given us power over our world and together, by extension, over our country. God has blessed us Americans through Jesus Christ with this knowledge and faith of our dominion over our world and our country but only if we accept it and act on it.