Are love and gravity the same thing?

The invisible power we call gravity holds the physical universe together and love holds mine and, I believe, all other human’s mental, emotional, and spiritual worlds together even when we don’t understand what’s going on or if we might make a mess of things some days, or if it just looks like we’ll never get it. Still, deep in our soul, there’s no doubt – in our own way, we will always be seeking balance and truth for our completion.

Clearly, we humans are spinning through life trying to grasp, order, and control the visible and invisible world we find ourselves in ———- all of it being one and the same thing —- Life —- wonderful life, our incredible and mysterious gift from God……….

Personally, the more I surrender to the still, small voice I’m hearing in quiet times and meditation, the clearer and sweeter God’s simple, clear, infinite gravity of love becomes as it pulls me and my life together.