The following is a short talk I will be giving to a group of Florida State University football fans before the Miami game on November the second, a little more than a week from now. This is the heart of the talk, I eliminated the small talk before and after. That day FSU is celebrating the great defenses of the ‘60s, “The magnificent seven”, defense of the 1964 team in particular. I had the great honor of being a part of that defense.

Ladies and gentlemen, I could spend all day telling you stories about my experience as an FSU student-athlete. However, I can also sum these years up very quickly and succinctly:

The football programs at Chamberlain High School in Tampa, Florida and here at FSU laid the foundation in me to be a real leader; not a leader by my athletic laurels and reputation but by being of service to God and my fellow man; by the interaction I have every day with the people in my life.

When I saw myself only through my accomplishments I lost myself. When I let myself just be used by others and their circumstances and desires, I also lost myself. In time, I learned through huge life struggles that I had no real or lasting relationship with anyone or anything unless I had it through my relationship with the absolute source of all life …. God Almighty. I had to keep God first, otherwise, the meaning of everything for me quickly faded. I had to learn to hang all my trophies on God’s wall, not my wall. My experience at FSU laid the foundation for me to learn this lesson; the most important lesson in my life.

I certainly don’t mean to say that I have fully accomplished all these points that I’ve mentioned above and so greatly admire; I’m still a little rough around the edges but I’m still following the heart that God put in me.