A short mystery

Lester could hardly breathe, he was exhausted and the 320 pound man pinning him to the canvas was smothering him, he heard the referee slap the canvas for a count of three, another lose. Lester began trying to accept that he had gotten too old to compete in the wrestling world.

After two years, this memory of his last match still haunted Lester as he pushed his mop bucket and mop into the utility closet and headed down to punch the time clock and go home, but being the heavyweight wrestling champion of the world was a dream that just wouldn’t die in Lester.

That night Lester was watching one of his favorite shows on TV and saw a man levitate a very large woman four feet off the stage floor and the most incredible feeling shot through his body electrifying every atom in him as those powerful words of his father came starkly again and again to his mind, “The world is plastic to the mind”.

At fifty years old, Lester jumped back into the world of wrestling. He hardly touched his opponents as he controlled, levitated, body slammed and pinned them to win match after match. Lester quickly became a national phenomenon and finally faced the champion that was at his peak and believed to be unbeatable; Lester’s magic against huge size and great talent.

Lester was so full of his creator’s grace that night, instilled in him by his father and his coach, that ten men the size of the Champ could not have touched him. Lester made the Champ look foolish as he took his crown, the vaunted championship belt. After the match, Lester announced that with his father’s help and the grace of God he had finally realized that the world is plastic to the mind and he had overcome the world. Lester disappeared, never to be seen or heard of again.