I had a dream that a group of brilliant, geneticist and horticulturist bread and developed an amazing new plant that quickly became enormously popular, more popular than any other plant ever has been. It was a large plant; about four feet tall and three feet wide. If properly cared for, it was full grown in six months, it bloomed year round, and the blooms were various sizes, shapes, and colors. The leaves were beautiful, varying in size, shape, and texture and some swore they could actually detect a sweet humming vibration coming from this gorgeous plant. The breeders named this incredible, gorgeous plant, AMERICA.

With all the beauty and glowing spirit of America, there was also a very sad, disappointing downside that the lovers of the plant had to face, At five years old America developed an incurable disease, it was an autoimmune-like disease, where some of the absolute most important systems in the plant that was supposed to protect it from any and all would be destroyers turned on America, destroying it, the very life that was supposed to be protected. In just a few months it withered, stopped blooming, began dropping its leaves and stood gaunt and dead.

The dream vanished, I was thunderstruck and tried to scream but was paralyzed and couldn’t. I awoke still trying to scream but I had no voice. I felt void and spiritless.