Unconditional love, we can find it in three places that I know of: from God, always…… just about all dogs, anytime…… and a very large percentage of mothers, thank goodness.

The joy is to need it less and less as we are able to give it more and more…….Never doubt that God will give us His love anytime, anyway we’ll take it and it’s always unconditional.


After posting the above thoughts yesterday, I began having some nagging doubts and woke up this morning hearing a chorus of my readers challenging my statements and conclusions. So I want to offer some sobriety to the idealists out there in my audience.

First of all, it was probably unwise to tackle such an emotional, broad and powerful subject and hope to easily sum it up because unconditional means no conditions that will change what we’re talking about. However, realistically, we know that we can’t know what will happen tomorrow or for that matter five minutes from now. All we know is at this moment we mean or want to mean what we say unconditionally, like those wonderful love songs that lift our hearts and minds to the heavens. I believe the message should be: I hope you will be my darling for the rest of my life and that nothing will ever happen to end our wonderful relationship, I love you so much.

Secondly, who can ever hope to be a saint and be able to stand by everything we say and intend? The claim is made for a few people over the centuries but for you or me, I don’t think so.

Personally, my view on this matter is deeply colored by my own dear mother who rejected me for a couple of years because I disappointed her when I left and divorced my wife and the mother of our profoundly disabled son, my relationship with mom was never the same. My mother thought she knew all the circumstances and conditions involved in the situation but later came to see she did not. I was very happy when she, after being better informed, opened her heart to me again. (you could say here that I again met the CONDITIONS I needed to meet to receive her love) I don’t have the words or space here to convey the powerful lessons involved for us both in this very long, arduous​ chapter of mine and her life. The end result though was I loved her more than ever because I understood her better than ever, and her love for me was much wiser and more realistic. So, for me, unconditional love is probably​ better​ thought of as an intention for now rather than a standard to be reached as a human. For me, everything depends on God’s daily grace; If I do what I know I need to do to stay in His grace, everything else takes care of itself.