Life pours forth out of every moment, every tick of the clock, every beat of our hearts and we are, for the most part, powerless over what comes next, but what we do have power over is what WE DO next, IN FAITH, with each tick of the clock.

We have two enormous tragedies in full swing now: an epic flood in Texas and Louisiana and a full schism in our national character; if we don’t come together in the face of both of these tragedies we will soon have total devastation on top of tragedy and there will be no more southeast Texas or Louisiana and no more America. We do have enemies that would delight in picking our bones, especially if we self-destruct…….. Can the wisdom gained from dealing with one tragedy save us from the other?

The response of every man woman and child in America will be a referendum on whether or not this country continues to exist. Any aware person knows we exist on the edge of several potentially, devastating tragedies, (North Korea, Global warming, Nuclear war, and asteroids to name a couple) and if we obstinately dig in our heels and set our teeth on what lies directly before us we obviously don’t stand a chance to have a future. I pray that I and all Americans possess the good sense to stop and turn to God; however, they understand God, (a power greater than themselves) and pray for guidance.