I’ve hatched a little allegory I want to share with everyone.

Once upon a time the universe, (God) in its power and wisdom began its preparation to bring one more little bird into existence to keep the world populated and running smoothly in its seasons. The only difference in this little bird is that I can hear what he is thinking while on his journey through his whole life………….

Oh, Oh, the joy, the joy, I hear Little Bird’s spirit singing in the language of being. Little Bird’s spirit sours with delight and relishes the whole process of the preparation of his body.

In a short time, I hear Little Bird crying out to his creator for the strength to break through the boundary, the shell, for his first breath but the breath brings chaotic floundering, disorientation, then a desperate struggle for security, comfort ,and food; although he feels a big warm being trying to cuddle him, there are others like himself knocking him about, frightfully, Ooh, then finally, he’s getting his needs met by his big mother comforter and in a few days, he relaxes into the steady awareness of awakening to his world and his fellow mates in the nest.

Time passes, and everyone in the nest gets stronger and louder. Wow, the food is so good, the light is warm, and the nest is so comfortable. The world is filled with joy he reflects but then he sees a nest-mate bumped out of the nest. His mate struggles and flaps its wings and finally begins to fly. The nest day, suddenly, he’s bumped and struggling and flying and his peeping and cheeping turn into a song.

An incredible feeling that he “IS”, “just IS” sends him souring, singing, checking everything out; there’s food everywhere, he’s exuberantly sharing his awakening knowledge with his freed nest-mates all over his little world, even with all those land-bound creatures running in every direction beneath him.

Then one day, his whole world felt different and he and his mates looked at each other and flew away to the south. In just a few days he looked down and saw a road sigh that said Florida and he and his mates rushed down into the land of flowers and felt as comfortable and at home as you please for the whole winter. In the spring Little Bird flew home, found himself a beautiful lady, and raised a family, the cycle began again.

Little Bird never slowed down, He lived twice as long as most of his mates, but he understood that their work and life were done just as his work too would be finished one day. Finally, Little Bird didn’t feel well for a few days and died in his nest, in his sleep one night.

You and I could have the sweet, simple, direct life of Little Bird if the universe, (God) hadn’t given us a very different brain than Little Birds’ because we have very different work to do in creation. Little Bird never questioned what he was supposed to do but we are often wondering which way to go.

I have no doubt, as crazy as it may sound, that we and Little bird are both doing exactly what we are supposed to be doing, we just don’t have control of this amazing brain God gave us yet, but I do believe that day is coming.