Once at a party, I found myself in a group of young women discussing the lovers of their life; their past lovers, their present lovers, and the lovers they might choose in the future.

You can imagine the attention I gave to every detail of every young lady’s likes and dislikes; all the while feigning flippant opinions of my own. At the time, I actually felt like a spy in a competitor’s camp, gleaning points on offense and defense. Oh, it was so juicy; I fairly tingled all over as you might expect of a virile young man. However, as I took in some of the blunt comments I was a little suspicious, (with a man being present) of their honesty even considering the free-flowing alcohol, weed, and their apparent inhibitions. I considered that they might be just having fun with me, but in this rowdy, vivacious game; half honest, half fun, and half cunning, I plucked a beautiful pearl of wisdom:

The treasured ideas of young men on how to become lovers determine nothing; his success or lack of success of becoming a lover is determined mostly by the unpredictable opinions and feelings of the young women he seeks to shares his love with. So, like the old admonition says, just be yourself. But, always be aware and read all the signals.