This morning as I watched the wind move through the trees and animate the leaves into a beautiful dance that reminded me of my grandchildren’s dance recitals, my enlivened mind quickly presented me with pictures of the universal dance; the dance of the tiniest microscopic particles jitterbugging deep in creation and then out to the almost unfathomable undulations of a cosmic ballet that extends into a universe, yet unexplored even by the telescopically aided human eye.

One of my most cherished memories is about an encounter with a beautiful, dancing snake. Once, years ago, on a hot summer day in the woods, I was able to slip up on a long, black, graceful snake turning, rolling, jumping and spinning in a big mud puddle, dancing, playing, expressing his joy of life. That image, the dance of that little child of nature has been speaking to me ever since, helping me to grasp a broader, deeper, ever expanding, and more comfortable relationship with my whole world.
Over time I’ve come to appreciate more and more the invisible rhythms, beats, and harmonies everywhere; the beat of the heart, the emotional highs, and lows of the mating dance of lovers or people embroiled in the intense social and political, issues of today. Sometimes, the intensity gets so great for me that I can feel the earth spinning on its axis; hurtling around the sun in the rush of the year as the sun, securely fixed in the Milky Way, ponderously wheels in a great cosmic eddy around the bend in an infinite river of space and time, or as many say an illusion of space and time. However, No matter what the material reality is or isn’t, I am inextricably bound in the eternal, invisible dance of love, faith, wisdom and courage that has spawned all human creativity for all time.