Glimpse me, pray to me,
Beseech me.
I am real.
Dream of me, search for me.
Wake in your drubbing day and cry
For me to come.
I watch you in turmoil, watch
You sick in the boredom of
Your plastic world;
All promise and no substance.
But where can we meet? We both search.
Can I trust you? Can you trust me?
Am I only a vexing phantom bedeviling you?
No, I am walking in your footsteps.
Accept me. Be patient, I am real.
Be patient, I am here.
Listen hard, strain.
I am screaming
From where I am to you.
It seems there is this vast chasm between us.
But, don’t give up on me.
When you are truly ready, we will connect.

Jack Shinholser