Weldon’s girlfriend, Janet, left him for another man and after some desperate, blundering attempts to get her back he was exasperated and furious and decided if he couldn’t have her, no one was going to have her. He made up his mind to find a way to kill her.

Weldon was a quiet loner and had no friends. Jeff was the only person he could confide in because he and Jeff shared some very dark secrets, so Jeff had to listen while Weldon moaned and groaned for a couple of weeks and finally, had to listen to Weldon’s plan to kill Janet. Jeff was not happy and tried every argument he could think of to dissuade Weldon, but to no avail.

Dan didn’t know Weldon or Jeff and would never meet them in this unfolding drama. Dan was a seeker with a hungry intellect and delighted in exploring ideas and writing stories and essays about what he learned. Dan’s interests were very broad, but his true seeking was to find a personal relationship with God so every morning he would pray and ask God what God wanted him to do that day. A week before Weldon told Jeff he had decided to kill Janet Dan had gotten a very strong message during meditation to write a story, a murder mystery. Dan’s story was exactly like Weldon’s plan to murder Janet. It was the same, point by point.

Jerry was a literary contact for Dan because Jerry’s brother was a literary agent and Dan had received a little encouragement on two short stories he had pitched to Jerry’s brother through Jerry. When Dan pitched his story to Jerry and his brother the miracle was set in motion.

Now, it turned out that Jerry was very close friends with Jeff, Weldon’s only confidant. So, Jeff, needing someone he could trust to share Weldon’s insane plan told Jerry the whole story of the impending murder but did not confide in Jerry that Weldon had some incriminating information on him and some of their joint activities………. Now when Jerry received and read Dan’s story, he went straight back to Jeff with it and ask if he or Weldon knew Dan. Jeff said he’d never heard of him and even if Weldon did know of Dan, he would never confide in him. They were flummoxed as to how Dan had gotten such exact information.

After a week of Jeff and Jerry muddling over all the possibilities for a course of action, Jeff just went to Weldon and showed him the transcript of the story, without the author’s name which he said he didn’t know. Weldon was shocked, flabbergasted at how someone could know his plan. He knew it couldn’t be Jeff trying to trick him because he changed the plan from killing her himself to hiring a hitman from Chicago and he hadn’t told Jeff about it yet, but it was part of this transcript. “Who the hell could know this”, he pulled his hair and paced. “I can’t do anything to her now, somebody knows I want her dead.”

GOD works in mysterious ways. Janet and her new love lived happily ever after, Jeff talked Weldon into going for psychological help which changed his life for the better, Jeff and Weldon were able to resolve their very disgusting dark secrets, Jerry was saved from possibly getting involved in a murder by association or getting killed himself by Weldon if the murder had ever actually come about, and Dan, the instrument of God, Continued to ask God every day what He would have Dan do. Neither Dan nor I know what assignments he was involved in next. It’s a real joy to see how god’s miracle kept all that horror from happening.

Also, Dan got hooked up with Jerry’s brother, the literary agent, and developed a great writing carrier.

So, man’s method of waiting for the murder to happen and then start figuring out what happened is vastly inferior to God’s miracle way; of course, God needs his instruments to cooperate every day.