Even though the manifestations of you and me and the Holy Spirit and the earth and universe will always be, at once, miraculous and mysterious to the human brain, the actual daily experience of living in this miraculous world is no longer a mystery to me for I have come to see, clearly, that I am both the problem and the solution in my life and my living. This gift of self-honesty​, humility, and intuition has become like a magic wand of knowledge for me. (I must qualify the word gift here because I have been through many years of recovery from substance abuse and several other problems and I worked hard for my subsequent gift)) Now, I see that I subconsciously, through wild, crazy, fearful living, created problems for myself and then with God’s help I worked out the solutions, thereby, gaining more insight and knowledge of God and myself. I’ve come to really value every problem in my life for they are the fertilizer for my spiritual growth.

I or no one can answer all the whys of the savagely ambitious minds of many, many humans, but I now understand and experience the love of God that can help a tortured soul melt fear and lustful desires that bedevil his mind and heart, help a soul, day by day, refine fear, anger, and lust into peace and love.