To understand true perfection we must give up the idea of human perfection; human perfection is about outcomes; something being as good as it can be: the perfect flower, (at the exact peek of its highest expression of its beauty) or the perfect woman at her absolute peak. Usually, her perfection is based on her physical appearance in our culture which is wonderful and very important but is only a part of her exquisite peak she will potentially reach as an incredible human being.

All the above considered, true perfection is about “Isness”, “Oneness” or “Wholeness”; Seeing the world with the mind of Christ who, as God, gave us this reality that we live in, who knows the tiniest aspect of His creation as perfection; for it is just one tiny part of infinite, eternal, perfect Father, God. True perfection is infinite and omnipresent just like God and beyond description. Of course, In its presence, one does not care about descriptions, just experiencing it; for It can only be experienced to the extent we are granted through grace. I see it everywhere, every day​, I hope you do too.