If you woke up this morning and your world looks like the most horrid dream of hell that you can recall and clearly ready to fall apart; perhaps you’re finally ready to admit that it was you who made all the bad decisions and all the bad choices that have landed you here in this awful, frightening place. Distraught, you shudder in fear because you don’t sense God anywhere, brace yourself, because it’s true…….God is not in your world.

God is not in your world because you let the godless, lost people convince you to kick Him out; and He will never be in your world unless you wake up and invite Him back in, acknowledge Him, honor Him, worship Him and make Him, absolutely number one in your life.

We are in charge of our lives. God gave us this power. If our life is full of garbage, lies, and filth, He can’t help it. He cannot come into our world and life unless we invite Him in, beseech Him, ask with all our heart for His forgiveness and mercy; when He sees we mean it, He can come in. It’s always our choice. He’s always there waiting to come in and fill our lives with His love, joy, and power. And, know this, there is no other power……. other apparent, powers are illusions but they can drown us, kill us if we steep our life in their emptiness and illusions. So, we must stay awake to keep our lives from crashing and burning in empty promises and illusions of grandeur. We all know the right thing to do by everyone in our life, every day. The godless world will feed us an endless tangle of lies and deception if we listen to them. They will, if we listen to them, lead us straight into total physical, mental, and spiritual bankruptcy.

We must remember that God can only return to our world and our life when we honestly and passionately ask Him in. But know this, He won’t and can’t stay in our life if we don’t really mean it.