Omnipresence is a gorgeous word. The dictionary simply defines it as, being present in all places at all times. However, after years of study and meditation, God has defined it for me as the infinite, timeless presence of His mind, body and soul. God or (It), as I sometimes refer to God, is the form, the essence, and the movement of all creation at all times and all places.

God Almighty is the form, the living essence, and the movement of our fantastic Milky Way galaxy; a galaxy 100,000 light years across that takes 26 million years to make one complete rotation as it flies at an incredible speed through infinite space with countless other galaxies. He is also the form, essence, and movement of every molecule, atom, and subatomic particle in our divine creation.

Without the active presence of God’s Holy Spirit informing and moving all physical, mental and spiritual aspects of creation it would instantly cease to be; there would not even be a void of nothing left for that is a concept and God is all concepts. God is the ever-present, omnipresent structure, power, and will of our precious life and world.