Consider that there isn’t enough water here on earth to even dampen the tips of God’s fingers; so, when we’re taking a long, leisurely, luxurious bath, think about what His incredible gifts to us here on earth means.

Consider that all the mountains, all the valleys, and all the seas on earth or on all the earth-like planets in the universe are not enough to offer God one inspiring vista; so, consider what God has arranged for His children.

Consider that there aren’t enough moons and stars in the universe to make even a small crown for our creator; so, when you admire your treasured jewels think long and hard on His plan for you and me.

Consider that there were not enough nails then, now or ever to keep Christ nailed to the cross; He only allowed it to show you and me that we are one with Him and that we now have victory over materiality and death.

So, in all our days and all our nights, let’s consider and remember that even one precious drop of the blood of Christ is enough to save all mankind forever and we can come down from the cross of materiality.