Poor mankind, the smarter he gets the dumber he is; the more questions he answers the bigger the mystery; if he hasn’t already reached his egocentric point of no return it can’t be very far off because he has lost his humility and reverence for what he doesn’t know and can never know. These sage qualities are the qualities that would enable him to continue to grow eternally and not commit spiritual suicide and destroy the only gift that can ever satisfy him; the gift of knowing the omnipresence of his creator.

Science says that the only way to real knowledge is to never stop doubting and asking questions. Really? Did you ever see a precious, wonderful, healthy child doubting and questioning his treasured toys as he plays with them in his sandbox or in the grass and dirt of his back yard? When is mankind going to grow up and realize he’s a precious, wonderful, precocious, divine child; but not a God? And, neither is science to be worshiped as a god …….. When will mankind see that the questions he keeps asking are actually the answers he’s seeking? ——— For example: who am I?, What am I?, Where am I?, When am I? The answer is right in the question; the “I” is God. God is appearing as you, me and everyone; God is the world; God is all there is. So, when ego convinces us that there is another answer besides God, we end up chasing our tail like a loco dog, rather than living in the fantastic joy of omnipresence…….. Ego wants to lead us off into the wilderness to die looking for phantom answers, bogus answers that don’t exist any more than ego does.

Thank you, Father, for your inexhaustible patience and mercy.