The above statement is a slight variation from ancient wisdom that says the seer is the seen; what the seer sees is the seer. The word seer here means, to see, not a holy and wise man. The following is my description of how I understand this wisdom.

As each child of God entered the world, God whispered in a small still voice, “We are the seer and the seen — We are one, one life, one being.

“We are life and the living of life – We are the mother of the child and the child – We are the father of the child and the child – We are the giver and the receiver in life – We are the lover and the loved – We are the pursuer and the pursued – We are the offender and the offended – We are beyond illusions and dreams yet we see illusions and dreams; they are visual parables to reveal truth. Life is filled with these parables every day. We are the infinite and eternal reality. We are one.”