Beware of teachings and teachers, they are just sharing what has come alive in them through their life and awareness with God but you and I, who have awakened to seek the truth, will fall asleep if we lay down in their epiphanies. They may have the purest intentions for our soul but the awakening in us must be ours and result from our relationship with God.

Teachings, teachers, and their books and lectures may point us in the right direction, However, we must resist falling asleep in the sweet resonance of a teaching or the voice of a teacher if we are to be awake when our Father, God Almighty, speaks to us. Our RELATIONSHIP with God is our true teacher. So, study, share, pray but most importantly, be still and meditate, that is when and how God can speak to us, that is when we have silenced our banging, clanging, buzzing, yelling, screaming world and if we practice daily we become able to hear and feel the presence of God.