I was going to send the Bear out to remind everyone to order “I SEE”, MY POETRY AND POETICS BOOK, and get an extra one for a Christmas gift for a friend. However, He’s a tough guy and really not right for the job. I’m a gentle soul these days and, “I SEE”, even though some of the pieces are a little fierce and some a little outrageous a lot of it is quite gentle, So, I thought I’d better do the job myself.

All that said, I promise you every piece in this book comes from my soul, the deepest part of my soul, the deepest love of my soul, the deepest courage of my soul, and the deepest fear, hunger, strength, and beauty of my soul. If you like what you’ve read on the blog, you’ll love “I SEE”, the pieces are either very intense or very gentle and they are all very real…………Just go to the front of the blog [HOME] where you can order the book from Amazon. “I SEE” is very reasonably priced at $5.99.

If you need it, my full name is Jack Shinholser.