I love paintings and painters and grand creators of all sorts from beavers to spiders, to wonderful composers, to Jackson Pollock, to God Almighty from which all creators draw their expression.

One fine day, I was deep into a Jackson Pollock abstract painting and was suddenly shocked; the man knew everything; how could this man know the answers to any and every question that can be posed? And, suddenly, again I was shocked, oh, it wasn’t him who knows all, he only gave me a window through which my brain was connected to the Divine, universal mind that knows all. He had become a Holy conduit dashing onto the canvas in a flurry of Divine creativity a large abstract painting in which I had become one with the Divine mind. Thank you, Father, for the eyes to see.


PS: I couldn’t find an authentic Jackson Pollock abstract that I could post so I posted another abstract that appealed to me.