Day after day I move through our marvelously created world and ponder some new insight or revelation I see around me. When I get too enamored in my experience of this world the Holy Spirit rises up and reminds me, “Jack, worship the creator not the creation.”

He reminds me that, Like the human artist that uses attributes of God’s creation, like the seven primary colors of the color spectrum or the seven primary notes in the musical scale, to create something beautiful from his soul; God uses the infinite physical and invisible attributes of Himself to produce a new, unique, original work of art, every day, for us; and ever-changing masterpiece, that is an exquisite daily metaphor to Reveal Himself and His truth to us; the true divine oneness, wholeness, isness that is God.

In God’s incredible daily creation is our miraculous meaning; in our daily relationship with Him is the grand story of our salvation, our sojourn in the light.