When you fall in love, at what point does the arrow pierce your heart and forever change your life?

Cupid strikes when you and your thoughts are going somewhere else; when you’re not ready, when you’re not braced — you are defenseless. Suddenly, there she is. Oh, be still my poor helpless heart. The arrow drives deep into your heart and bedazzles your nave body and brain in an expanding, somewhat paralyzing euphoria. She is an intoxicating, blinding, engulfing presence that displaces all else. Her eyes swallow you as her bewitching, natural scent enfolds you like a transfiguring cloud and you just want to touch her hand and press your cheek to her face and taste those sweet, luscious lips. You can’t think, you stumble over things and probably babble like a flummoxed cartoon character.

People look at you and wonder and worry and fear some dreaded malady has befallen you, but you can’t fathom anyone’s concern but your own as to how you will own her.

Later in life, many wonder; was this otherworldly, amazing experience a gift or a curse or just a healthy part of being human? Many, many will search far and wide for it again or they may just live a quiet, busy life waiting and hoping to be struck again by Cupid’s inscrutable arrow, or they may never stop trying to rekindle their mature love into that otherworldly first experience they’ve never forgotten. No one ever forgets the gift love.