I’ve been checking out the new science shows on TV. They still impart a lot of fascinating information about our solar system, the galaxies, and the universe, but it’s very noticeable that they’re infusing much more hype into the presentation than usual just for entertainment which I’m sure they would say they need to do to attract a large enough audience to financially justify their existence, but for my taste, they are going overboard. Actually, I would challenge a claim that they would need to go heavy on the entertainment aspect to draw an audience. There are plenty of people who love these kinds of shows.

They take the viewers out whizzing around all the planets that we know of and some they just believe are out there, like planet number nine. They make a lot of theoretical claims and predictions that are entertaining but not even close to being proved. They admit how little they know about the outer reaches of our own solar system, but it doesn’t make them pull up short on many amazing theoretical claims.

I’ve been taken in and out and all about the wormhole and Elon Musk and others want me to go homestead on Mars. However, they don’t talk about the fantastic opportunities that await us when we conquer the deep, deep frontiers of our material world and why aren’t they building things on the moon before they head out on the long trip to Mars? You can go to the moon in three days and for next to nothing compared to an eighteen month round trip to Mars and back at a cost of six billion dollars.

And, speaking of money and distance, the most exciting frontier to me is the one science has reached on the quest to find the absolute, most basic constituent make up of the material world. Quantum mechanics has revealed that when we reach the most basic, so-called particles of materiality that these particles aren’t really particles at all, they are just a potential to become a particle and that beyond or deeper yet (beyond this potential) into the center or frontier of materiality there is absolutely nothing —- there’s just nothing there. However, they go on to say, with a straight face, that the entire universe popped right out of this nothing. The entire material world, all our amazing planets are not “real” stuff . . . Illusions? Is our world a holodeck run by aliens or did God, which is an invisible spirit, just say the WORD and give us the material world?

Whatever the answer is, (I’ve decided on God) it seems to me that since God or whoever it is that allows us to manipulate this creation; we would do much better to study how things can just be popped into existence. We wouldn’t need to struggle across hostel space and all its dangers. We could expand our world in endless new ways. We would have mastered turning nothing into anything. Miracles already happen every day. Jesus said we would do much greater miracles than he did.