I sat on my screened-in back porch this morning watching the soft, satin rain falling down on the trees, plants, and flowers. Like the graceful will of God, it was simultaneously falling down on and lifting up all creation, bathing all my senses with its soft classical music, the most complex but soul-soothing musical patterns of divine raindrops on the roof and plants and I felt His boundless grace entwined with His unquestionable assurance to me of eternal, infinite love and care.

I felt the Holy ambiance of my meditation lift me to a higher view of reality. I saw that God was not in the madness that was swirling through our daily news cycle; that a combination of fear, anger, and greed is upon the whole world like an enormous, evil, beguiling monster. ———-

But I personally have a shield of faith that God has given me through my mother, my father, and a thousand nurturing souls or angels that God has given me one by one as I’ve needed them in life, and I mean for the big things as well as the small things. My shield is high, wide, and seldom penetrated to any real degree, and I’m constantly fortifying it. Another strong part of my shield is quotes of wisdom from the Bible and many other wise and wonderful teachings from across the world. —- One of my favorite quotes is: “All things work together for good for them that love God”, Romans 8:28. God speaks all tongues, and He knows if we really love Him.