Dear friends and readers my great joy with this blog is sharing with you the rays of insight and epiphanies that God sends me in my prayers and meditations and the thousands of beautiful and sometimes humorous messages you all have sent back to me over the years expressing your appreciation. Thank you so much for your part in this beautiful relationship we have.

Today I’m writing to let each friend and reader know that the blog is in danger because I’m losing my ability to financially support it. My personal income has been drastically cut because of the very difficult economic times we’re in and I need help. My passion in life has been enlightenment through knowledge, wisdom, and truth refined in my soul by God for total victory in life and to joyously sharing it with everyone. Please help me to continue to do this. Running the blog can get expensive; a few months ago, a business moved in on my site, knocked the blog completely off, and started selling their merchandise. It cost me almost $600.00 to hire a company to restore the blog to my site and protect it. Dear friends and readers I’m asking you to please go to the donate button that appears beside each piece I post and send a few dollars or whatever you can to help me to continue the blog.

You can also help me by buying my Poetry and Poetics book on Amazon. The book title is, “I SEE” by Jack Shinholser; it’s a very powerful book written twenty-five years ago after eight years of recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. It’s about a life examined and a new direction. It is not a book for the faint of heart and don’t read the last poem until you have read all the other poems and poetics first.

God bless us all, love, Jack.