I feel sympathy for the human; I feel compassion for myself and my kind; like a new baby chick, a new little duckling searching for a place to plant a foot in an unsteady, perilous, new world; He is a delicate, often insecure, creature but with a glorious destiny; every new experience electrifying, amazing and often frightening. But nothing can deter the chick’s resolute, headlong dive into his miraculous future filled with new days bursting with light and glorious promise……… He sees the footprints of all those that have gone before him and the fire is stoked higher and higher in his spirit; he feels destined, certain of an ordained heritage, A calling that might be momentarily delayed but never denied; a delay in time and circumstance but little doubt that in any dilemma he faces a new way will always be found……… Praise be to God.


PS: I have a book for sale on Amazon, it’s only $5.99. The title is, I SEE – Mystical and Other Spirited Poetry and Poetics by Jack Shinholser. I’m sure you will love this book, there are so many great pieces in it on Rebirth, Growth, and Love.