While I was fixing my coffee this morning my attention was caught by my coffee creamer; the packaging, the seal, the functionality and the product itself, very creative for an off the shelf, supermarket product. It made me think of the classic ’57 Chevy and a huge number of products over the years that Art has been such a big part of their success. All this made me think of what I’ve learned about Art and creativity over the years and their major role in a healthy, developing culture———-I think Art defines a truth in the soul that words cannot touch.

Art not only helps inspire the realization of our powerful connection to the universal mind, but it is also very utilitarian; there is great beauty in superb function. America has led the world for a long time now in the beauty of function inspired by our great love of freedom. Of course, embracing great Art and artist of all kinds from the past, in the present, and the enthusiastic artists of the future will keep us joined with the other dynamic forces of our universe that are lifting us toward the stars.

If we can pull through our present crisis and avoid a future of America falling into the hands of the unimaginative, dull-witted, lazy dullards we just might have an amazing century ahead of us——— We must not lose our way.