In our Christian Bible, in the first chapter of Genesis God sets the scene for the beautiful play in which you and I are actors, evolving souls, or His children, whichever you prefer.

In chapter one of genesis, God reveals that there are two different lights in His creation or what one might call the grand theater; in verse one there is the spiritual light or the house lights, and in verse four God places the sun, moon, and stars up in the sky. I see these latter lights, as the stage lights or human awareness opening up as the stage curtain parts and our play of drama and comedy begins; now we strut and fret on the stage for our appointed amount of time.

AS the play is ending, the stage lights grow dim and the curtain falls, we awaken to our greater self and we are judged by our harshest critic, ourselves, God has already forgiven us completely by His son dying on the cross…………. Did we learn to trust and thrive in God? Did we learn to love ourselves, others, and God or did we just fight tooth and nail for the biggest and best of every material thing we could sink our nails and teeth into or worst of all, did we let fear make us angry, greedy, deceitful, and cause us to lock ourselves behind all kinds of thick walls for what we hoped was safety until the end of the play, blocking out any opportunity to ever grow?

Some spend their time on stage in the harshest lives imaginable; blocked from both the spiritual light and healthy stage lights for reasons only they and God know. I have read about and, perhaps, witnessed, many souls seeking enlightenment or salvation through suffering. Personally, I hope I do get to recap every life I’ve lived and be confronted with the places where I was hiding or my courage failed; that’s got to be the path to a closer walk with God; what more could anyone want?