A little allegory, a little different slant on the perfection of life

Once there was a leaf born like any other leaf in the miracle of spring but he was obviously exceptional; shinning up there in the top of the huge tree of leaves that graced the home and yard of the most powerful man of his generation. This grand leaf and this powerful man would soon have their meeting of destiny.

In the fall the great leader came home after a collapse in the negotiations between the two most powerful nations on earth; would there be war or would there be peace?

The great but tired leader sat in his study before a large, picture window with a full view of the huge, splendid tree of leaves. As he sat there calmed by the peace of his home and the grand tree of elegant fall leaves, the exceptional and now perfected leaf released himself from his high perch where he was born, had lived and was now dropping peacefully down into the man’s field of vision igniting the thought that revealed the way and the plan that opened the minds, hearts and the souls of all those at the reconvened bargaining table that brought about peace and saved the lives of perhaps a million men, women, and children.