Once upon a time, there was this “Comedian” who was an amazing success, he was everywhere across the media. He had one huge special after another; no one could resist his insights into and comic insults about everyone’s pretenses about themselves and the disgusting lives they sometimes lived; how they would lie, fake, and pretend so often. He revealed their shamelessness to themselves with incredible comic genius and they seemed to love it.

His thinly veiled comic-genius attacks on their false self-images intensified month after month, year after year until one especially mind-gouging, soul-gouging performance when he turned deadly serious on the millions watching by saying, “Haven’t you people had enough yet? I’ve been insulting you on every level possible; insults that most morally bankrupt degenerates wouldn’t stand for but you just stand up and howl for more. You, people, are just stone-cold, “unprovokeable” masochists but if you don’t care, I don’t care either, you sick bastards. I’m laughing all the way to the bank. I mean I manage to insult a couple of thousand of you, “fans” that leave me for a while, and thousands more of you discover me the next month.” He stops and grins like the bemused joker he is.

The stage suddenly goes pitch black for a full two minutes and hardly anyone moves then the lights pop back on with the Comedian standing center stage holding a bazaar clown face over his face then flings the clown face across the stage and howls saying, “Ain’t that some wild shit?” then jumped right back into his show as though nothing at all unusual had happened —– and the show goes on and on and on.

And those watching those who are watching the show wonder to themselves, how far will God allow the show to continue; is this some kind of treatment for insanity, or just a guise for sophisticated entertainment?