People say, if there was truly a loving God, we wouldn’t see all the horrors that we see in our world every day, He wouldn’t allow it.

Wrong, God doesn’t control it, we control it, and only we can prevent it. For most of us, God’s truth surpasses our present spiritual maturity, understanding, and belief about life, about our life, about our God-given life where we have true free will; where the God-given power in us shows us, PROJECTS FOR US, our everyday world beliefs right out in front of us in immaculate detail. It shows us our present understanding of our reality……. and, of course, human reality is about materiality. Most humans believe in things we can see, touch, and taste whereas the truth is actually the opposite; It’s what we can’t see in our world that really matters.

What really matters in our world, in my world, is not what we can see but the unseen, the God qualities; love, joy, faith, kindness, peace, respect, loyalty, etc., the quality of the materiality, the quality of the things we experience in our life is predicted by our embrace of the unseen qualities of life, these qualities hold everything together and if we don’t choose to live our lives with honor and truth and all these qualities our life will be anemic or fall apart altogether. So, if we want to reduce the horrors in our world, we have to go to work increasing our spiritual maturity and understanding, not just go sit in a pew somewhere expecting someone to fill us up with truth but by studying and testing every corner of our world for truth and when we find it, and we will because God will reveal it to us because it’s everywhere, embrace it with all your love, the love of a child of God, all-the-while, remembering not to judge.