Peter, curled up under his blanket, peeked out when he heard the Master treading the path down toward the stream in the cool, diffuse, early morning light. Peter’s whole body clinched suddenly when he saw the Master stub his toe on a small stone and stumble unavoidably to his knees. The Master groaned as he jumped up quickly, grabbed up the offending stone which became a serpent as he threw it back to the ground. The serpent slithered away quickly as the Master exhaled heavily, composed himself for a few moments, and then coaxed a small beautiful fawn from the underbrush, stroked it lovingly, then continued on down to the stream.

Peter quickly rose from his blanket and followed the Master but stayed well out of sight. The Master, sitting on a rock at the stream, called out calmly to Peter without turning and said, “Peter, come out, I know you are always watching; you can help me gather these fish for our breakfast.