I LOVE the walls, windows, and doors of my life, that IS where I live NOW, where I’m safe, where I can protect my family and mull over and write down my thoughts; know the concept of, was, and will be, from IS and know the concepts of, yesterday, and tomorrow, from NOW —– love, walls, windows, doors, is and, now define the base from which I move forward in consciousness and have a rich spiritual and material life.

Walls, I think, are most often thought of as negative, they stop us from going lots of places and doing what we want unless we pay a price. But, how about language, now there’s a wall and it’s free. It serves and protects all the people it belongs to by setting up all the inner sophistication of a complex society, establishes great windows and doors in its borders for a healthy exchange of thought and products for the whole world to come and go in a productive and healthy way and most of all a rich spiritual exchanging of LOVE is encouraged by most nations. Without language there would be no civilization, there would be no windows and doors of any kind, there’d be no concept of NOW or IS and if I felt any love, I wouldn’t know it because I have to have the language to even think about it, much less know it.

Today, around the world, our languages are being attacked and used as an assault weapon on our intellect, our sovereignty, and our spirituality. We must continue to be loving people but double down hard on our critical thinking and who we believe and who we believe is lying to us.