I’ve been watching the news and I hate to say it, but it looks as if we could be back into a build-up to some kind of new undeclared war. War and police actions are catnip to mentally and morally challenged politicians, history is full of examples. Thank God, these days, most people are seeing through the justifications for these horror shows and demanding we use our power and influence to settle situations before the bloodthirsty can turn them into a big military buildup.

I’ve been reviewing many pro and con authors on the subject of war and it’s no wonder it’s such a difficult subject to hold up to the light and examine; there’s a mountain and a fountain of powerful ancient and modern emotion buried in the human psyche about the sanctity of war and the worship of war heroes. Clearly, in our, somewhat, enlightened age we can’t afford the human carnage, the lore of war, and war hero worship or the way immoral people manipulate national and international emotions and situations to continually create a demand for their bullets, bombs, and war machines.

Anyway, this subject is huge, and I could go on and on, but it is very clear to me that the great breadth of the materials I’ve covered offer a very clear picture of historical and present-day thinking on the justice and injustice of war and, most importantly, reveals our total misunderstanding of this miraculous life we’ve been given and left us with this incredible mess we call civilization but is actually just another version of the jungle.