Is this soul-wrenching experience we call life worth it? In our youth, before we reach the next great phases of life we read about them and then after we’ve lived those phases we reflect on them; was it worth it, did it really all have meaning?

For example, we might ask ourselves, how can one person who ends up with nothing but unmet wants, painful trials, and broken dreams, and another person who lives a life of great success and material bounty end up with the same answer to that ponderous question, was it worth it?

Yes, through grace, it is happening all the time. If a person is granted the wisdom to see that life is not about power, control, and possessions but is a metaphor for our creator who grants to His children, when they are ready, ultimate understanding over what the unenlightened call the veil of tears; We are raised above this world to see and feel the direction of our destiny.