This morning when I walked outside, both my eyes were almost knocked right out of my head by the stupendous star, our sun that lords over us; it’s amazing, fantastic brightness is absolutely indescribable, especially in the fresh morning air. What a magnificent center to our magnificent solar system, where this, perhaps, one of a kind planet in the entire universe, our planet earth, is daily producing, by the sun’s Holy purpose and power, the most exquisite garden any creature will ever see.

Still, considering all this beauty, the most profound truth revealed here is that even the scrawniest weed or creature, or rock on any continent is expressing the total majesty of the entire universe, the entire creation; in every iota of this incredible creation the creator is revealed; not one scrawny weed, electron, subatomic particle or even a thought can exist if not informed and animated by the infinite and intimate love and grace of God. We, each one of us, are the shining presence of God Almighty.